Roku 4 Is Faster, Larger And Supports 4K Video

Roku revolutionized the video streaming market and exactly one year ago, it had over ten million users. Envious of Roku’s success, other famous companies such as Google, Amazon or Apple tried their best to create worthy rivals, but for some reason, people seem to be more interested in new Roku’s products. For months, we have been hearing rumors about the Roku 4 and if what the company said is true, then the set top box will be released by the end of this month.

Let’s start by saying that the processor will be speedier because it will have four cores and will be backed by 1.5GB of RAM. The WiFi technology has been improved, as well, being upgraded to 802.11ac (living entirely in the 5GHz spectrum), but the three connectivity ports (HDMI, Ethernet and USB) are the same. The addition is the digital audio output, which connects to the sound bar and the TV will output the audio.

The streamer is physically larger because Roku needed more space to accommodate the new components and the remote control can be easily found thanks to a new button called “Find Me” and which is located on top of the streamer. When pressing it, it pings the remote and it will make a characteristic sound. Also, the remote is Wi-Fi Direct-enabled and it supports voice search. On the streamer you’ll find also a headphone jack which will allow you to watch TV without bothering anyone in the room.

The Roku 4 will be able to play 4K Movies at 60 frames per second and it will run on the new Roku 7 OS, which brings the “Follow” feature, which notifies the users when the price of the movies that interest them is dropped. Other cool feature is “Hotel and Dorm Connect”, which allows you authenticate through any browser that’s connected to a network.

Roku has also redesigned the mobile application for the two supported mobile platforms, Android and iOS and it has some features which allow you to add content to the fee, using the application.

The device is actually available for preorder, it costs $130 and it will be shipped as soon as possible, most likely by the end of October or at the beginning of November. Currently, there are over 3000 channels available for the streaming boxes and sticks, so you’ll know what to choose. Remember that in the Q1 of 2015, the users have streamed over 2.5 billion hours of video and music content.