Adobe Flash Player Update Fixed Issues – Should We Move To HTML5?

Adobe Flash Player had a lot of issues in the past months and it seems that more and more big companies are preparing to ditch this player in favor of HTML5, because they had enough of the continuous crashes. In order to keep alive its Flash Player, Adobe is trying to fix all the bugs and issues that are found on it.

Many reports say that Adobe is too late with all these fixes and sooner or later, many big companies will switch to HTML5 and ditch the Adobe Flash Player.

Adobe Flash Player Update

Adobe has released a new security update to its Flash Player a few days ago that fixes a vulnerability that allowed hackers to remotely take control of people’s computers. So, if you didn’t update the Flash Player lately, then this is a good time to update it.

We remind you that Adobe was aware of this big issue, which affected almost all versions of the Flash Player on Windows, Linux or Mac. Adobe said that this was a critical vulnerability and confirmed that after a successful exploitation could cause the computer to either crash or allow the attacker to take control of the affected system.

According to the researchers from TrendMicro, this security issue was exploited by Operation Pawn Storm, an ongoing cyber espionage campaign that has targeted organizations and government institutions such as the White House, NATO and high-profile political personalities from Russia or Ukraine. TrendMicro believes that the Operation Pawn Storm is operating from either Ukraine or Russia.

Adobe said that the vulnerability was used only on limited targeted attacks. However, the company recommends the users to update to the latest Flash Player. To update to the latest Flash Player, visit the Adobe update center or accept the desktop update notification. According to Adobe, the Flash Player installed on the Google Chrome browser will be automatically updated to the latest version.

For now, there are still a lot of big companies that are using the Adobe Flash Player and we suggest you to not take hasty decisions and keep using it. However, in the following months, we will see that many companies will ditch this player and will go for the HTML5 one.

Do you think that HTML5 is better than the Adobe Flash Player? Tell us your thoughts about the Adobe Flash Player, if you’re satisfied with it or if you’ve encountered unpleasantness.