Top Cydia Tweaks for iOS 9 – Download and Install Them

The inevitable has happened and iOS 9 has been jailbroken. Immediately, the Cydia store started receiving lots of new tweaks, so there’s a high chance to find something that you like. To make things simpler, we’ll save you from scrolling through the list of tweaks and installing the ones that you don’t need, because we’ve selected some of the tweaks that are worth trying out.


iOS 9 came with Apple’s News app, but not all iPhone or iPad users from all over the world have access to it. If you happen to be part of the users who like in countries where this application isn’t available yet, then there’s an alternative, a tweak called NewsoftheWorld which is an unlocker for News.


As you know, the iPhone 6S has a new 3D Touch technology, but this capability could work on older iPhones, and the users are able to access Quick Actions from the home screen. But not all applications support 3D Touch Quick Actions and because of that, some developer created a tweak called Shortcuts, which adds them.


Back to 3D Touch technology. There’s another tweak called Hapticle so when you activate the 3D Touch on your iPhone, this tweak offers vibration feedback.


This is an older tweak, but it’s always helpful, because if you hate Spotlight Search, you will no longer deal with it. So, when swiping to the right or down, this feature won’t bother you anymore.


When we said that the 3D Touch can be activated on older iPhones, it doesn’t mean that all of its features will work, such as Peek and Pop, because these functions allow the users to take quick actions, depending on how hard they press on the screen. And older iPhones don’t have pressure-sensitive displays. UniversalForce will trick the iPhone to act like it supports 3D Touch and it will work by using separate gestures. To explain you better, when using the Photos app and long-pressing on a photo and swiping up, you’ll Peek at the photo, and when swiping up more, you’ll open the photo.


Hey Siri was introduced in iOS 8, and when the users are plugging in their iPhones, they can use Siri hands-free, saying Hey Siri, then giving a voice command. Apple improved this feature and it works with the iPhone 6 without plugging it. If you have an older iPhone which runs on iOS 8, then UntetheredHeySiri will allow the owners to use Hey Siri with their devices unplugged.