Alex Roy Drove A Tesla With Autosteer From California To New York

Electric cars are the future because they pollute less and Tesla wants to become the biggest producer of these kinds of vehicles. When a new model is released, it’s taken for a test drive to see how it works in traffic, if the battery lasts long enough and if there are any software problems. The Model S was “tested” by the cross-country endurance driver Alex Roy, which completed first Tesla Autosteer cross country in 57 hours and 48 minutes, driving from California to New York.

Tesla released another software upgrade, the Version 7.0, which brings the Autopilot system with four feedback modules such as camera, radar, ultrasonics and GPS. And Alex Roy took two friends with him in a journey, Carl Reese and Deena Mastracci, and got into a red Tesla Model S P85D car having the license plate UBER QIK. The left from California and 57 hours and 48 minutes later, they arrived in New York, at a parking garage on East 31st Street, in Manhattan. The pilot used the Autosteer most of the journey, but the last time he drove across the country was in 2006 and the trip lasted 31 hours. However, this time he tested a modified BMW M5 sedan which was equipped with scanners, radios and some traffic devices, but because it was thought that he broke the law, Guinness World Records didn’t certify his record.

The reason why this journey was taken was because the manufacturer wanted to prove that an electric vehicle can travel long distances with little human intervention and without incidents on the way. And the car that was driven by Alex Roy was also tested by Carl and Deena, who established a personal record of 58 hours and 55 minutes.

Not only the Tesla autopilot feature was tested, as the trio wanted also to know if the network of SuperCharger locations which are situated along the major highways from America is efficient.

Although the three drivers were satisfied with the new software, it seems that everyone shares the same opinion. Other drivers encountered many glitches in the system, and to give you an example, someone who drove a Model S vehicle struggled to stay on the highway because his car wanted to exit when that person was driving in the right side of the lane.

All drivers were advised to keep both of their hands on the steering wheel, in order to prevent future unpleasantness.