Intel Chip to Power iPhone 7 And Microsoft’s New Surface Smartphone

The rumors circulating the tech circles reveal that Apple is working on a new chip with Intel which is expected to become the biggest player in the industry.

As per a recent report by VentureBeat, Intel has developed a workforce of around 1000 or more workers to work on its next-generation modem chip in the succeeding year. The tech giant Apple has not yet officially signed any contract with Intel but if the firm decides to expand in order to meet its delivery breakthrough for the much-admired LTE 7360 modem chip, then Intel could have a huge credit to its name.

Intel has strived hard to get a strong footing in the highly profitable mobile industry with Qualcomm dominating the superior end. MediaTek, which is a Taiwanese company on the other end owns the remaining market, but has been not able to grasp a compelling share of the market. This contract with Apple would give the company a considerable breakthrough, and will put all competitors out of business.

As per sources, the Cupertino company will double-source the modems for it upcoming flagship; the Qualcomm and Intel being the source choices. At present, Qualcomm is responsible for the provision of modems for iPads and iPhones. The 7360 modem is rumored to be shipped before the end of this year and would be ready for experience in Smartphone flagships in the second half of the next year

In the past, Apple has used Samsung and currently TSMC to assemble its a-series chips which primarily are used to drive its iPads and iPhones. But if Intel convinces Apple that the firm can deliver the ultimate modem for iPhone 7, and then as the rumors suggest, Apple could give Intel an opportunity to build a new processor and LTE modem combined SoC.

Intel already acts as a supplier of chips for Mac desktop and laptops for the electronic major but this new mobile contract would definitely be more productive for both the parties.

It has also been speculated that Intel is working with Microsoft on its upcoming smartphone which is expected to be one of the Surface product range devices instead of standard Lumia phones. The much awaited Surface phone, as per sources is expected to be unveiled in the coming year.

Surface Phone Concept

In terms of specs the new Surface Phone by Microsoft is expected to have a 5.5-inches display and will be powered by atom processor by Intel. The device will also feature a 21MP lens and is said to come with the similar industrial design language as of the currently tested Surface tablets.