Samsung Galaxy S7 Launch to be Pulled Forward to January 2016

The South Korean tech giant, Samsung is reportedly pushing the launch of its new Smartphone flagship christened Galaxy S7 to January 2016 in a bid to compete with rival Apple’s new Smartphone iPhone 6S Plus. Samsung had decided and finalized the design of S7 by the end of September and is currently procuring the peripherals that will be required in order to enter the manufacturing phase. According to Electronic Times report, “many people in parts industries.”


Pulling forward the new flagship seems a strategic move by the company as it gives the consumers a choice of a Smartphone at the beginning of the year. Samsung hopes that this change in release date will give S7 a better opportunity of undercutting sales of Apple’s recently launched iPhone 6S. Both companies make some of the most impeccable Smartphones but have consistently faced competition at the top end of Smartphone sales.

Samsung because of its decreasing revenues seems to be pushed into a tight corner. As per Researcher’s TrendForce, the Galaxy S6 failed to revive its fortunes as the user response was mild towards the launch and the South Korean electronics major is trying its best to give its new flagship every help it can to win the market.

The world’s biggest smartphone producer is trying to curtail its dependency on Google Inc. by replacing their Android operating systems and switching their device OS to Tizen. Some of the other Samsung products driven by Tizen include Gear S2 Smartwatch and premium TV sets.

A few speculations have also revealed that Samsung is planning to launch more Tizen-driven flagships in June. To advance third party developer support, the company needs to attract more smartphone consumers to the operating system.

It has also been speculated that the company will offer two versions of the Galaxy S7 flagship-Premium and Sub Premium along with three chip set choices. The handset is rumored to feature 3-D touch features and a Type-C USB port.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are also supposed to be the first ever smartphone and phablet to ship with Android Marshmallow 6.0.

However, Samsung has remained strictly tight lipped regarding the rumors and the company spokeswoman gave a prim response stating that the firm does not comment on rumors or speculation.

The huge number of speculations and rumors regarding the highly anticipated next generation flagship are just adding fuel to the fire, however, the exact details and specs will get unveiled along with the release of new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge most probably in January next year.