7 things you must know about the Apples forthcoming iPad Pro

Apple introduced the iPad Pro at the launch event of iPhone 6s.  It’s not an ordinary iPad, it is Apple’s giant and big screen gadget. They claim that iPad pro is the most capable and powerful iPad they have ever created.

This amazing product hasn’t been launched yet. Rumor has it that the iPad pro will go on sale in the first week of November. In this article, we are going to unveil the details that you must know about the forthcoming Apple’s iPad pro.

  1. Screen Size:

Screen size

As it is said earlier, iPad pro is the giant sized iPad. It is a 12.9 inch tablet which is almost 13 inches, if we measure diagonally. Its weight is about 1.57 pounds and it feels lighter than it looks.  Its height is actually same as the iPad Air 2 but it is a little wider than that.

  1. Colors:

It is available in three different colors; silver, gold and gray with a matte aluminum finish like other iPads we have seen.

  1. Storage:

It is stated that iPad pro will be using a 64 GB of storage. A 128 GB version might be available as well but that would be more expensive. It has a RAM of 2 GB.

  1. Apple Pencil:

The outcome of the iPad pro is that it is just an amazingly powerful tablet which offers high resolution graphics. The apple pencil is a new thing which is very good for sketching and drawing, it is also best when it comes to handwriting recognition. This pencil is actually expensive but the capability to annotate and shade is truly incredible.

  1. The Smart Keyboard:

Apple is also going to introduce a smart keyboard for its Apple ipad pro. It is also a clever addition to this product. The keyboard is covered with a special smooth fabric which transmits power through the keyboard. Each key has accurate indentation that lets your fingers know where to have a rest.

  1. Pricing:

The iPad pro is said to be available in 32 GB with price $799 and 128 GB with $949 whereas 128 GB with $G technology will be for $1,079. The smart keyboard is priced as $169 and Apple pencil stylus costs $99.

  1. IPad Pro battery life

The estimated battery life of apple iPad is of 10 hours but we will have to test the speed in regards of speed metrics.

Battery life

Apple iPad Pro’s bigger screen and slim build is really impressive. There are so many questions popping up in our minds about this amazing product. No one knows about the exact release date except Apple, so what we have to do is — have patience!