How to Read Social Media Privacy Policy

Social media is one of the trending ways of communication. Some of the top social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and Spokeo among many others. While people enjoy the services of these social sites, one major concern remains to be on the privacy policies related to these social sites.

Social Media Privacy

To what extent are social media sites private? Since most social media will not display to you clearly their private policies, here below is a guide on how to read social media privacy policy.

How to Read Privacy Policy

Here below are some of the useful tips that will help you in reading a privacy policy of your preferred social media.

  • Start at the End

Though not official, but it is known that the most important portions of any privacy policy will always be written at the end. So if the privacy policy is filled up with much information, just start from the end to get the most important information that might help you.

  • Who Owns the Personal Information Stored?

One of the most important questions that you should seek an answer to is who owns the information stored. Get to know if the information you provide can be used for marketing purposes without your consent.

  • How long is Information Stored?

You should also seek to find the period of time in which the information posted on a social media is stored. Some become anonymous after some period and hence the importance of knowing the duration of its storage.

  • What Happens when One Dies?

Check if the privacy policy stipulates that steps to be taken when a user dies. When such an occurrence takes place, the user should be made aware if the content posted will remain online or deleted.

  • How do changes in Privacy Policy Communicated

You should also take note of the way in which a privacy policy change is communicated to the users.

Notes to Remember

  • The privacy policy does not cover the third-party applications interacting with the social media. Only the social media is covered in the privacy policy.
  • Privacy policies can change at any time even after creating an account.
  • Terms of service are as important as the privacy policy. So, take note of the terms of service for a social network.

Before agreeing to the terms of service, which includes acceptance of the privacy policy, it is important to know how your privacy will be protected by looking at the policy itself. The above given tips should guide you on how to read a social media privacy policy.