LG V10 Phone Arrives at AT&T and T-Mobile this week

AT&T and T-Mobile, both have announced that you can order LG V10 on October 27th and October 28th respectively

When it comes to pricing and colors, AT&T will have the Space Black or Opal Blue Colors and it will available at $249 on a 2 year contract. If you choose their next plans you can pay as low as $23.34 per month, you also will get a FREE 200GB micro SD card, an extra battery

The T-Mobile model doesn’t come with these extras like micro SD card, but you can grab LG V10 as low as $0 upfront and $25 per month on a 2 year payment plan. Or you can pay $600 outright.

As a recap, LGV10 has a quality feature includes

1. dual front facing cameras
2. dual display setup
3. Dura Guards
4. Dura Shields
5. QHDs

Probably you guys will feel LGV10 is LG’s best in terms of quality

Happy Buying