Mobile Security: The Increasingly Important Concern

In the current world, mobile security has become increasingly important due to the security concerns that are emerging. As a personal device, mobile phones are being used as source for personal and business information. Smartphones are the primary targets when it comes to attacks from hackers.

Challenges of Mobile Security

Mobile phones face security challenges that may cause their total destruction or loss of important information.


The major security challenge for mobile is external threat. There are various types of threats that may affect the user when using a mobile device. They can either disrupt operation of the Smartphone or transmit & modify user’s data.

It is therefore important to have all the applications installed in the phone compliant to the privacy and integrity regulations to keep your phone safe and secure from such threats.

3 Prime Targets for Attackers

While threats and other security loopholes can attack the phone in various ways, there are three prime targets for attackers. The targets are:

Data: the primary target for most attackers is user’s data. Smartphones are devices that manage important data such as credit card numbers, authentication info and other private information. Hackers strive to get access to such important information and use them to steal from mobile phone users.
Identity: another target for attackers is identity. Mobile devices are linked to a person and attackers can use a user’s identity to commit fraud and other activities.
Availability: attackers can limit the access of a mobile owner to access specific services. In doing this, the user is denied access to full access of his/her phone.

Tips to Mobile Security

To ensure that you are not a victim of the above mentioned attacks, the tips below here should be used.

Watch your Wireless Connections: you should not let your mobile device to connect to any open wireless connection.
Caution with Applications: applications are the most notorious elements in making your phone insecure. You should only download apps from trusted sources.
Back up your Data: anything can happen at any time and thus you should back up your data to avoid complete loss of data.
Install Security Software: you should install security software that will work primarily to protect your phone against external harm.

It is therefore important to note that mobile security concerns are fast growing and proper precautions should be taken in this regard. The above given tips can be considered as guidelines to making sure your phone is protected.