Nintendo Will Release An Application For Smartphones Which Will Be Named Miitomo

Nintendo is making its way to the smartphone app world with an application named Miitomo, which will be launched next year, in March. The Japanese gaming giant hasn’t started as manufacturer of video game consoles, because first, it produced hanafuda playing cards, after the company was founded in September 1889. The first generation console (Color TV Game) was released in 1977, while the Super Nintendo Entertainment System arrived in North America in 1991 and one year later it reached Europe. Many other consoles have been released in the meantime and now, the company wants to try something new. After teaming up with DeNA in order to bring games such as Mario or Zelda to iOS and Android, Nintendo is now working on its own free-to-play app.

The Miitomo users will be able to create a Mii character, likewise the avatar gamers which are doing this on their 3DS or Wii U consoles. Basically, the users will be these Miis and they will socialize with other players’ Miis and which will install this application on their iPhones or Android devices. But, it’s not sure yet if the game will utilize the StreetPass function which is used for interactions with other players.

These cartoon-like avatars are not something new for the console fans. The Miis have been introduced in 2006, along with the Wii console, so this application will only bring the experience to the smartphone world. The users will need to answer all kinds of questions asked by the application and they will share these questions with other players’ Miis.

Nintendo has announced its gaming fans that they’re upgrading the company’s account system, because until now, the users found it very hard to access their accounts from other Nintendo devices. From now on, with the new My Nintendo membership service, the users will have one login for all Nintendo’s made or smart devices. Also, they will earn points from purchases and they will receive personalized offers. This account system is expected to be launched alongside the Miitomo application.

In parallel, Nintendo will be working on five smart device applications and they will be released in 2017, most likely in March. The company is taking into consideration all Nintendo IP as “candidates for future apps”. The Japanese giant told the investors that the company’s main objective is to “maximize the population that has access to Nintendo”, which means that they want to bring together old and young players.