Skype Has Now Video Message Filters – What To Do?

It seems that Microsoft has released a new Skype version that came with a new feature. It seems that the Skype version for mobile devices now features a video message filter. If you use Skype on your iPad, iPhone or Android device, then you should know that from now on, you can add short video clips to the messages.

You can send the short clips like on the Snapchat application. However, the person who receives the short video clip on the Skype application will be able to see the video message whenever (s)he want to. In addition, the users who receive the message don’t need to be online when sending the messages, which means that you can leave him/her an “offline” message that (s)he could watch later.

To activate this feature, you will need to look for the bottom left of the Skype video message screen. The filter button also allows you to select a filter and see a preview of what the video would look like. Then you can press the record button to start recording your short video clip. You can also use themes such as Halloween, face-changing or more.

It is good to know that the new Skype version uses the 3D Touch technology that’s integrated into the screen of the latest iPhones, such as the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, which allows users to “peek and pop”.

Microsoft has also added more options to the Skype icon for iOS devices. The users will be able to press or Force Touch the icon to bring up the most frequent used options such as Skype’s dial pad, start call or conversation. By using the Force Touch on a recent conversation, the users will be able to peek at live videos or the newest messages. By swiping up, you will unveil even more options.

The new Skype version also features a built-in Skype translator that will translate conversations in real time. As you can see, Microsoft has brought some really nice features to the latest Skype version for iOS and Android OS. You can now download and install the latest Skype version on your iPhone, iPad or Android device right away via the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

We’re sure that soon enough, the guys from Microsoft will bring even more features to the mobile variant of Skype.

Have you installed the latest Skype version on your iPhone, iPad or Android device? Tell us your thoughts about this Skype version that was just released!