Mozilla Firefox comes with a new Tracking Protection feature that will keep your browsing private

The Firefox users who want to hide their browsing history can now do it better using the new Tracking Protection feature that was just released on the latest Firefox version that was launched today (November 3, 2015).

The new feature is actually an enhancement to the Firefox’s Private browsing mode, which deletes all the browser history and cookies after the private window is closed. However, the new Tracking Protections comes with an extra layer of privacy and blocks code embedded in websites that tracks the way people behave on the web.

With other words, this new feature will block a lot of ads and it will provide analytics tools along with some social sharing buttons that will help the users to keep their browsing history closely managed.

It seems that the new feature is not good for companies that rely on tracker-based advertising, because with this method they are making money. With other words, the people that use the Tracking Protection feature will not generate money from track-based ads. However, the ads that don’t track users will still show up when users have the Tracking Feature enabled so the publishers will still be able to make money as long as they don’t track users.

According to Mozilla, they want to give tools for their users who want to make sure that they are not tracked while browsing the internet. However, the company added that they don’t want to kill advertising or ad-based businesses on the internet.

We remind you that the tracking protection helps you to keep your browsing completely private, but the internet service providers and network administrators will always be able to see what you do and what websites you’ve accessed.

Mozilla Firefox will most likely remain the unique browser that will have this kind of feature, as Google and Microsoft have advertising based business that rely on tracking users so that they can make money. With other words, Google and Microsoft will surely not bring this feature to their browsers, because it is not in their best interest. However, after all, there are a lot of users who will prefer to use the new Tracking Protection feature so they won’t be tracked when browsing the internet.

What are your thoughts about the new Tracking Protection that was just released for Mozilla Firefox? Will you use this new feature when surfing the internet?