Iphone 6c will come in mid 2016 and Apple Watch Charging Dock Coming Soon

As all of the people know that iphone is the most advanced and the super mobile phone company that has thousands of the fans and almost each of the person all around the world are interested in the smart phones from the Apple company. The iphone is developing the very best smart phones for their valued customers and they also know the need of the people all around the world nowadays. The smart phones of the iphone brand are highly liked by the people all around the world and there are thousands of the people that use the smart phones of Apple.

For the best features iphone holds the best place in the market with any other smart phone company in the world. Every time the this brand comes with something special for their users and they provide the best service to their customers keeping all their needs in the mind. Many of the people of the world are highly waiting for the next release of the Apple and it must be the latest iphone with 4 inches display and the Apple Watch charging dock that are set to the release in the next year by the Apple Company. Since the company launched their model 6 the rumors are discussing that company is about to launch their latest 4 inches smart phone in the Apple and other reports said that it named as 6c. it is also said that the new iphone 6c will have the same features like iphone 5s and notable Touch ID.

On the other side the rumors has confirmed that the new iphone 6c will come with an advance features like HD camera with f/2.2 aperture along with support for 802.11 ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1 wireless connectivity. The people are highly waiting now for the most advanced features of the iphone 6c and they will like all the performance of the iphone 6c as well. The news also added that 6c won’t have 3D touch display that is used in the latest smart phones of the Apple category iphone6S and 6S Plus. The rumors also added that the latest smart phone of this company must come with the budget oriented price tag that can be easy for many of the users around the world.

Iphone 6c

The iphone 6c will be released in the mid 2016 for the customers and the users will have to wait until September of the next year. On the other side the Apple Watch Charging Dock is almost ready to be released for the users and almost many of the features and the designs are already reveled on the internet that shows the design and the quality of the Apple Watch Charging Dock and even the package of the Apple Watch Charging Dock is also mentioned on the internet. In the images given on the internet it seems that Apple Watch Charging Dock can be charge both in vertical and horizontal positions and a lightening cable will be used to charge up the watch as well.

The price of the Apple watch Charging Dock is set up to at least $100 and it seems to be very normal and also in reach of almost every person in the world. The people all around the world are highly interested in the Apple Watch Charging Dock and they are now waiting for the official release of the Apple watch that can be released soon in the market. Both of the Iphone 6c and Apple Watch Charging Dock seems very impressive and great featured devices that will be available for the users very soon and they can take the benefits of all the advanced system very soon. So stay for a while that it should be launched officially very soon.