Download HTC Sync Manager

HTC Manager is the app that helps the users to sync the personal data like contacts, calendar, browsers history, bookmarks and allows backup the music and videos from your smart phone to the computer. HTC Sync Manager is the most well liked app in the Android software and it is very easy to get sync and make the backup of all the personal contents from the smart phones.

The mobile phones are the basic need of the people nowadays and there are many of the mobile companies that are launching the best and latest features and applications for the android smart phones to help them improve their access and working condition. Many of the people in the world use many of the applications in their smart phones that they can have fun any time anywhere with the help of the latest software installed in the smart phones.

download htc sync manager latest

HTC mobiles are the most famous and well liked smart phones over the world due to the best features available in the smart phones that are highly liked by the users. The HTC mobile launched many of the applications helping the users and they can have fun all time. Recently the Company launch the Sync Manager that is a application helpful to move the files and important data to one another and it is easy to use as well. There are many of the features in the application that are highly recommended to the user to enjoy.

Features of the HTC Sync Manager

  • HTC Sync Manager allows the user to get all of the personal contents sync very easily to your computer and transfer any of the data from your smart phone to the computer like contacts, calendar notes, entries, to do lists, browser history, bookmarks etc. The Sync Manager also allow the automatic connectivity to the computer and it automatically connect the mobile to the computer.
  • Make the backup of the music and videos through the help of the Sync Manager and it is tension free from losing any of the personal data loss from the mobile. This utility tool allows easy access to the backup of the Music files and videos to transfer from the smart phone.
  • HTC Sync Manager allow the users to transfer the data and personal contents from the iphone to the HTC smart phones easily without any disturbance and the users can take the backup of the iTunes files and transfer it to the smart phones like contacts, calendar messages, music files, videos and wallpapers as well.
  • This is also easy to make the playlists in the mobile from the music files and videos and it is easy to organize them into one place by the use of the latest HTC Sync manager.
  • It allows the user to install the latest firmware into the android smart phone and for the best performance it can update your firmware as well.
  • The HTC Sync Manager is now available for windows and Mac Computers and the users can easily download the tool from this page of
  • Keep in mind that it is working in the Windows XP, Vista and windows 7 and windows 8. Further the HTC Sync manager will require the Microsoft Outlook installed in the computer as well. This tool is working in Mac windows OS X 10.6 or higher versions of the windows Mac. It needs to have Microsoft Office installed in the windows.
  • This tool is also providing the complete guide to the beginners and they can have look on it as well to understand the usage of the HTC Sync Manager.
  • This tool will also use the USB drivers of the smart phone to get connected to the computer and transfer the contents to the computer as well.

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