How to Unlock HTC One A9 Bootloader

HTC One A9 is the most advanced smart phone of the HTC mobile company and the people all around the world like the features and the performance of the device. Sometimes the smart phone are locked by some of the system and it need to have unlocked as well. Many of the software are made to unlock the HTC One A9 smart phone and here we show the complete process of unlocking the HTC One A9 Bootloader. This is the official method of the unlocking the smart phone so follow the instructions and get the best of the HTC One A9 smart phone.

Step by Step Process of Unlocking HTC One A9 Bootloader

  1. First of all download the proper the USB drivers on the PC that helps out connecting your smart phone to the computer.
  2. Open up the HTC DEV Official Page and then make a new account on the page and when the registration completes an email will be received to open a link to activate your HTC Dev account.
  3. Now easily open your account and log in to your account HTC Dev Account. Open the Unlock Bootloader page on the internet.
  4. In the page on the unlock Bootloader easily find out supported Devices section that is located on the left side of the page and select “All supported models” and click on unlock Bootloader.
  5. After that a pop up window will appear on the screen that is confirmation message that “Are you sure you wish to continue” easily click Yes to start the process.
  6. After confirmation of the Terms and conditions will appear on the screen so tick on the boxes both to start the installation.
  7. In the next step the instructions will be shown to unlock the Bootloader mode on your phone and it will show you how to enter Bootloader.
  8. To boot into the Bootloader mode hold on the Power ON key+ Volume Down+ Home key to start into Bootloader mode.
  9. Once the Bootloader Mode is open and press Power button into FastBoot mode.
  10. After that connect your HTC One A9 to the computer with the help of the USB drivers.
  11. After connecting your smart phone to the computer install the Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tools from the internet to the computer.
  12. Now launch the application of ADB minimal and fastboot tools. After that a window will come on the screen.
  13. In the command write : fastboot oem get_identifier_token
  14. After the command you will see Mark icon in the window by right click in the window.
  15. Then mark the entire token in the window and copy it all by left key in the window.
  16. Now go to the HTC Dev Official Page and paste the content that is copied by the window and click on the submit button.
  17. After submitting an email will received by HTC Dev team that will have file named Unlock_code.bin. Copy the file and save it into the root folder of the device.
  18. When you have copied the file just come to the command prompt and give another command in the command prompt.
  19. Give the command: fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
  20. The process of unlock will start and will take few minutes to complete. As the installation completes your smart phone will automatically restart.

Important Note:

  • First of all keep the proper backup of all the data in the smart phone because it is a data loss process and all of the personal data will be deleted.
  • All of the users will have this guide when unlocking the HTC device Bootloader and be careful while applying this on the device.
  • The users will require the official USB drivers of the HTC One A9 Bootloader and they can easily download it from the internet.