Complete Root Guide of Samsung Galaxy A3 (SM-A300G)

Hello guys, in this post we are going to teach you that how you can root your Samsung Galaxy A3 SM-A300G latest smart phone, and we will do this rooting process with the help of Odin flashing tool that is much famous flashing tool in the market and you can also download the Odin flashing tool’s latest version from this page free.

The Samsung Mobile Company has provided the best featured smart phones to the users that completely fulfill the need of the users and the demands of the people’s choice are keep in mind to launch such latest smart phones in the market to enhance their brands selection over the world. The Rooting of the devices are commonly made to make it able to install of the applications and to support all kinds of the application on the device.

How to Samsung Galaxy A3

There are many of the ways to root the android devices and it can be done easily in few minutes and also it need to have a proper guide to install such root or custom ROM into the device. There are some of the custom ROM in the market that provides the access to root the device and here in this page we share the complete step by step root guide of the Samsung Galaxy A3 and we hope all of the users will enjoy this and will get the benefits of the Rooted device as well. So let’s start the process and follow the guidelines.

Basic Requirements

  • Download the Rooting package of the Samsung Galaxy A3 form the internet.
  • Proper USB cable and USB drivers are required for the installation process.
  • This guide is only working on the Samsung Galaxy A3 (SM-A300G).
  • Download Odin Flashing tool
  • If the latest version of the Odin application doesn’t work try any other version.
  • The Root will remove the warranty of your device so be aware of this all the times before rooting your smart phone.

Step by Step Guide of Rooting Samsung Galaxy A3 (SM-A300G):

  1. First of all download the Rooting package of the Samsung Galaxy A3 and move it will move to the Downloads folder in the Documents so move the files to the desktop to a folder.
  2. When the files are moved to the desktop open the folder and extract the zip file easily using 7Zip application. In the file check for the Odin application and install it as well.
  3. Install the Odin application into the PC and the shortcut of the Odin User-interface on the desktop and it is easy to run the application.
  4. When Odin application is installed open the application of the Odin on the computer.
  5. After that reboot your smart phone to start into the download mode in the Odin application. To start into the download mode press and hold the Power ON key+ Volume Down key+ Home Key for a while until the menu screen appear on the screen of the device. When the menu appears on the screen use volume up to enter download mode.
  6. Now connect your Samsung Galaxy A3 smart phone to the computer using the USB cable and the USB drivers for the Samsung Galaxy A3.
  7. The Odin Application will show the connectivity of the Samsung Galaxy A3 in the ID COM port and it will change the color to yellow or green that means your device is connected with Odin application properly.
  8. When the device is connected to the application click o the PDA or AP button to load the required files into the CF-Root Package.
  9. The application will ask for the package files and navigate to the files on the desktop of your PC and it will easily load the files.
  10. When the files are loaded into the application click on the Start button to begin the installation and flashing of your smart phone.
  11. The installation will take few minutes depending on the speed of your PC and will reboot your device as the installation completes.
  12. Once the installation is completed the Pass message will appear on the screen of the Odin application that means you are now ready to use the rooted Samsung Galaxy A3.