Microsoft’s Flagship Store during Black Friday

Microsoft alleged that Black Friday week is very records breaking and Victory season of Xbox one and digital games. Black Friday Week is a record breaking event this time of all Xbox one and X-box Store as well as Digital games during sales. There are many kids and young generation who love to have the latest game in their bedroom with latest Xbox and digital games.

It’s just because of the great and well made new X-box 360 games to play easily for all over the world populace. The brand new technology, console bundles, extensive line-up, latest backward compatibility are the most liked features in all over the world. Microsoft also claimed that the users and fans of Xbox have spent total of 325 million hours in this past week doing games. This new and latest X-box 360 games attracted all new generation towards games and become the habitual of playing games.

microsofts flagship store during black friday

Actually the most interesting and exciting games of Xbox one, Xbox 360 and other digital games attract more fans and lovers towards it to play game and have some fun. Black Friday is a well admired and appreciated record of Microsoft on X-box games but this time in the last week 325 million hours break the previous record of black Friday and it was up to 196% of 2014 black Friday.

Microsoft claimed that this is the second biggest winning of X-box one and Xbox 360 by achieving 57% record in the Xbox Store and 40% in the global Xbox Live gold. They also said that this is the biggest victory of X-box one and Xbox360 in the last 15 years of X-box career. All the fans and users of X-box are also very excited about the breaking victory of this game platform.

This is a big thing for Microsoft that in this last year 4 million hours spent on playing Xbox 360 and Xbox one. They also said that mostly window 10 and window 8 were used for Xbox 360 and X-box one in the last Week. Keep visiting for more updates and information about Technology.