Samsung agreed to settle with Apple to pay $548 Million

Most of the People in all over the world are using Samsung mobile phones and they also know very well about it but similarly Apple smart phones users are also in big margin in all over the world. Recently we have heard about the going on case among Samsung and Iphone companies Administrators. The case was filed with all the documents in the US Court; the Company also wanted to take it to Supreme Court. We have heard in the News that Samsung Agreed to settle with Iphone by paying $548 Million for Iphone Damages. But Court has rejected this appeal of Samsung last night to pay Apple $548 Million. This was the public news that Samsung has infringed several patents of Iphone covered the Iphone.

samsung agreed to settle with apple to pay 548 million

South Korean Company also agreed with Iphone to receive this payment by confirming the invoice within 10 days. Now it’s about Iphone because after some years Apple originally challenged Samsung. We also heard that the Apple Company soon collects funds from the case. Actually it’s going to start a war among these 2 top companies among patents. Now Samsung and Iphone both will try to lunch the best collections of smart phones and etc.

All the fans and lovers of Samsung and Iphone are very excited about the patent war among these 2 companies. Now we have to watch the upcoming year 2016 which will be a battle field for all Technology companies such as Samsung and Iphone. These days everyone wants to be the top but it’s very hard to get the top of all without doing anything. All the users of Samsung and Apple are going to be very lucky because now they will have much in 2016.

This War has begun in the US among Samsung and Iphone and will show up in 2016. All the visitors who want to be aware of all new upcoming news and updates about Samsung and Iphone must visit this site again and again to keep aware of all updates. Share it with other users of Samsung and Apple to get updated every day…