How to Root Samsung Galaxy A5 (SM-A500YZ)

Hello readers and subscribers, today in this post we are going to tell you that how you can easily root your latest smart phone Samsung Galaxy A5 model SM-A500YZ with simple and easy process and we do this process with the help of Odin flashing tool that is a famous flashing tool for androids mobiles.

Samsung Mobiles are the top used and well liked smart phones of the world and the people all around the showed their interest in the Samsung Mobiles. The Samsung is launching the latest smart phones for the use and the need of the users and they keep the demands of the users in the mind as well. Samsung developed many of the applications and games in the Google Play Store that are so helpful and used by the people and they love the performance of the latest devices as well by the Samsung Mobile Company.

how to root samsung galaxy a5 sm a500yz

However some of the applications that are available in the Google Play store need some of the permission to run on android devices and also requires having the latest android version to install the application.

In this page we share the complete tutorial of the Root Process of the Galaxy A5 that enables the device to run any of the app or game without any permission and they can take fun of the latest applications as well. So easily follow the guide and Root your Samsung Galaxy A5 easily.

Basic Requirements to Root Galaxy A5

  • First of all download and install the Galaxy A5 Bootloader unlocked to enable the smart phone to run the installation.
  • Now download the Odin bundle and CF-Root from this link and save it to your computer.
  • Now check the version of the Odin file and it should be Odin 3.07 or greater to run the installation and if you find some problem in the installation use Odin 3.09 or Odin 3.10.
  • Download the Proper USB Drivers for the Galaxy A5 from the official site of the Samsung to help connect your smart phone to the computer.
  • The root process of the Galaxy A5 will remove the warranty of the device and be aware of this before proceeding to the installation.
  • This guide only works on the Samsung Galaxy A5 SM-A500YZ device and might not work on any other Samsung devices. All of the users can easily check their device number in the About Device.

Step by Step Guide of Rooting Samsung Galaxy A5 SM-A500YZ:

  1. First of all download the Root bundle from the internet and save the files to the computer and save it on the desktop of your PC.
  2. Now extract the downloaded files into the folder located on the desktop and select Extract here.
  3. Now easily install the Odin application and a shortcut of the software will appear on the desktop that is ready to run now.
  4. Now reboot your Galaxy A5 by long pressing the Power ON button for a while.
  5. Now start your Samsung Galaxy A5 into the Download mode and it can be reached using the Volume Down key + Home Key+ Power ON at once and then screen will tell you to press volume up to enter download mode.
  6. Now connect your smart phone to the computer using the USB data cable and proper USB drivers as well.
  7. The Odin application will turn the color to yellow or blue that means your device is properly connected to the application now.
  8. In the Odin menu click on the PDA or AP button to start the installation on your device.
  9. The application will ask to load the files so easily navigate to the folder saved on the desktop to load the files.
  10. When the loading completes click on the Start button and the application will start running the installation and flashing of your device.
  11. The installation will take few minutes to complete and will give the Pass message when it completes as well.
  12. Now install the SuperSU on the device and it will grant you the best rooting permissions to install and enjoy the applications as well.

This is done with the installation keep enjoying the best performance and the service of the Rooted Samsung Galaxy A5.