How to Unlock IMEI on iphone 6, 6S Permanently

Any of the times the users need to unlock their iphone devices permanently and here in this guide we show the complete step by step tutorials of how to unlock the IMEI of the Apple device and we hope all of the users of the iphone smart phones will like and enjoy the guide as well.

The Apple smart phones holds the best position in the market with the latest smart phones that has support to almost all of the applications available in the Google Play Store. Iphone devices are officially released by the developers and they are having their own special IMEI number that works in many of the occasions.

Almost all of the iphone smart phones are locked by the company rules and some time it is needed to unlock it for your personal usage as well. So any of the iphone users that are interested to unlock their IMEI of the Apple will have to follow the easy steps given below and get your smart phone unlocked permanently.

how to unlock imei on iphone 6s permanently

The iphone company has locked their devices and sometimes its networks are locked in many of the countries around the world so that users will first have to unlock their Apple device and then they will be able to use the smart phone. In the market there are many of the sites and software that are developed to unlock the IMEI of the Apple devices.

The supported devices that needs to be unlocked like Apple 6S plus, iphone 6S, iphone 5S and iphone 4. There are many of the reason for which the users of the smart phones will require to unlock their device and here we provide the full guide of the unlock method of IMEI on iphone 6S.

Basic Requirements to Unlock IMEI on Iphone 6S

  • First of all find the IMEI number of your smart phone and it can be find in the menu> settings> General> About> IMEI number.
  • Also the finding of the IMEI number of your model by pressing the *#06#. Or IMEI number is always written on the back side of the device under the battery of smart phone.

tutorial of the Unlocking Iphone 6S

  1. First of all open the Unlock iPhone 6 page on the internet and they will show a form to you in the start.
  2. Now fill up the form with all correct data of your smart phone and also enter the IMEI number of our smart phone.
  3. Now select the model of the smart phone you are using.
  4. Now easily select the payment procedure that can by paid via PayPal, DalPay, and credit card or other way as well.
  5. When all of the details are completed the data will be send to the engineers and they will unlock your smart phone in 24 hours or earlier.
  6. The users will have to wait for almost 24 to 48 hours and there smart phone will be unlocked permanently.
  7. When the device is unlocked download the iTunes and start updating your smart phone and go to update> restore your device.

This is the complete tutorial of the unlocking of the IMEI of the iphone 6S smart phone and keep in mind that many of the other websites are not providing the unlock they are only scam so be aware of such websites r money loss as well.

We hope that all of the users will find this easy and good to unlock any of the Apple smart phone very easily and they can enjoy the features of the iphone as well.