The Evolution of Data : From Floppy Disks to Google Drive


From Floppy Disks to Google Drive

This evolutionary process has helped to develop the functions and capabilities of the data center. Well, here’s the evolution of the data center from the start of the Floppy Disks to Google Drive .

First Data Center

The First Data center concept was introduced by the US Army in 1946 through the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC) .

After Then in 1954, transistorized computer (TRADIC) was first introduced and became the first machine to use transistors and diodes, instead of vacuum tubes. Until the early 1960s, serious commercial system began to emerge and form the main framework of such a series of IBM systems to build a huge leap in computation capability.

Developments Begins (1970)

1971, 4004 processors introduced by Intel and became the first programmable processor on the market. Then in 1973, the Xerox Alto was released as the first desktop computer that uses a graphical UI, high-resolution screen with mapping bits, large internal storage memory, and specialized software.

Next in 1977 ARCnet LAN introduced first at Chase Manhattan Bank, which is capable of supporting data rates up to 2.5 Mbps and 255 are connected to the computer. In 1978, SunGard soon developed a disaster recovery business.

PC(Personal Computer) Era (1980s)

In 1981, personal computer (PC) was introduced to usher in the industrial explosion of micro-computers. Sun Microsystems developed a network file system protocol, so that computer users can access files from the same network. Computers are also installed at a high speed, but the environmental requirements and the operation is still a bit overlooked.

Data Server in the Market (1990s)

Beginning in the 1990s, began to turn into a micro computer server and computer rooms known framework into the data center. Companies began using the bank’s server within their company. The emergence of the term “.com” caused the company began looking for an internet connection for operating without interruption in the mid-1990s. Construction of the rooms and facilities which leads to high server data center as a service models became famous at the time.

Latest Data Centers 

The data center now supports connecting the data center to the cloud system. With a base of “call by call”, the resource can be accessed easily, but the data center itself is still owned entities those likely will continue to experience growth.

Well, that is the evolution of the data center from just a small MB Diskette to Multiple  GB Google Drive.