Android Mobile Secures top place in the USA Market


Google’s Android operating system continues its domination as  it is the ,most the preferred mobile platform in the United States. According to Kantar research,world’s largest insight, information and consultancy group.

Android continues to fair gap itself from its other mobile platform competitors like iOS,Windows and Blackberry for the fourth consecutive year. Android gains an incredible market growth about 6% in 2015, with Apple’s IOS showing a slight decline around 3% ,But still steady. According to Kantar research Currently Google’s Mobile operating system gains a market share of 58.2% in the United States (Raised from 51.9% to 58.2% in 2015), and Apple holds the second place with 39.1% (Drops a fair bit to last year’s 42.8%). Windows’ and BlackBerry’s market shares continue to fall.

This growth is not limited in the USA,but all over the world Android dominating the Asia,Europe,South American regions. Interestingly China market gains 5.1% growth in the iOS mobile market this year. If Android’s trends follows the current phase,Windows and BlackBerry both platforms may surrender the mobile market to Google sooner.

The reason behind Android Success is its very user friendly and most of the apps are free to download.If you can check google play store there are millions of apps,games.Most of them are free and good to go.This makes Android continues growth in the market.Yes people like Free and quality products always.

Samsung has played a key role to achieve popularity for Android with out any doubt as well.

On the other side,Apple,Blackbery apps are not free and you got to pay some bucks.Which is not a likable thing.Blackberry Priv is too much for an ordinary mobile use.