5 of Most Problematic Android Phones

Android Problem

Smartphone has become the primary needs that can be relied upon to carry out various activities. It has become a major requirement, smartphones became goods that never missed taken anywhere and used anytime.

As a result of frequent use it, so there is a problem on smartphones that use surely will know right away. To help you get more alert to your smartphone, Jaka following will describe some smartphones often run into problems.

1. Samsung

Being a market leader Android smartphone with a 22.5% market share of the global market, Samsung dominate the list of most troubled smartphone with 27% of total complaints. This is reasonable, considering Samsung is the vendor that presents a variety of smartphones for various classes. Smartphones that have faced problems are old smartphone and smartphone entry level provided only mediocre specs to suppress the selling price.

2. Lenovo

21% of survey participants complained of the smartphone made ​​by Lenovo . There were complaining about performance issues that are not in accordance with the specification, the build quality is not maintained, until Vibe UI constraints are often problematic.

It is certainly surprising, considering Lenovo is not much dominate the smartphone market. With a market share of smartphones is less than 5%, which means that Lenovo products have faced problems because production is not tight.

3. Motorola

Not much different from Lenovo, Motorola into a smartphone vendors whose products rated most frequently problematic. Nearly 18% of survey participants complained about the seriousness of Motorola in making smartphones. Given Motorola has acquired Lenovo, how the fate of the future huh?

4. Xiaomi

Known as the “Apple of China”, Xiaomi become a vendor of smartphones which recorded the fastest growth in the last 2 years. Xiaomi visible evidence of the seriousness of its consistency in delivering a variety of the latest smartphone from the class of low-end to high-end . Complaints for Xiaomi reached 11% of the survey participants with an average complained about the build quality of smartphones low-end hers, and MIUI slow its availability for the global market.

If You are using Xiaomi also would often have problems with MIUI right? Ticks is the update that rolled out sometimes take a long time role in fixing bugs carrying. The results are not uncommon bugs that resulted also to the performance of the hardware , to lead to more serious problems.


Being the first vendor to offer a smartphone at a bargain price through a wah-spec Asus Zenfone , Asus made ​​a fatal mistake by bringing Intel chipset technology that is equipped with hyperthreading . Indeed, the chipset provides fast performance, but also an impact on the durability of battery drain and heat. The result smartphone battery quickly broken, the screen quickly lost its sensitivity, and often accompanied by other problems.

With all the problems, it’s no wonder Asus got complaints up to 8%. But with the market dominance Asus is fairly widespread today, it proves that Asus is still a fairly reliable smartphone. Hayo, ngacung ya use Asus!