Half Billion Android Handsets are New Malware Affected

Android Malware

The mobile security firm Skycure reported that a malware has been able to break into a half billion handsets that run on the Android operating system. Malware This raises the risk of “accessibility clickjacking”. Accessibility clickjacking is a method that work on the smartphone to click on something that seems benign , whereas actually be able to open a gap for hackers.

Simply put, clickjacking lets hackers to steal sensitive information text based, and taking action by using the operating system or applications that are not approved or are not even known by the owners of smartphones . SMS private and jobs will be at risk along with personal e-mail and work, Data from the messaging app, sensitive data in business applications such as CRM software, marketing automation software, and more. Once accessibility has enabled, hackers can change the administrator level access rights and even allows administrators new device. It can allow hackers to disable the passcode or even execute device remotely. As quoted from Phone Arena , Monday (03/07/2016) (Rev)