How To Save Battery when connected to WiFi


One cause inefficient use of mobile phone battery is due to weak connections in use. Indeed, by using WiFi battery is spent will not seboros when the use of mobile data . But if a WiFi connection itself is not stable, then the battery will be quickly depleted.

Not infrequently in certain locations there is a connection WiFi stable and there is also weak. When the WiFi on our cell phones on, sometimes automatically connected to the WiFi signal was very weak though. This is one of the triggers wasteful batteries in cell phones.

How To Save Battery When Using WiFi

First download and install WiFi Saver from play store

Then on the home page, there are 3 options that you can use, namely Basic Saver, Low Strength Saver and Lock . Each option has different features and can be used as needed, namely:

Basic Saver

When the menu is turned on, the phone will check every 5 minutes . If the phone found the WiFi feature on the phone is turned on but not connected to a specific WiFi, the app will automatically turn off WiFi on the phone. This method is very effective to save battery mobile phone using WiFi.

Low Strength Saver

This feature has become one of the ways to save battery which is no less potent. By turning this feature on Wifi Saver, the phone will automatically turn off WiFi if his power numbers below 30. To check the power of WiFi, you can select the “Show Network Details” at the bottom of the application. The most powerful WiFi connection is at number 100.


Lock feature is a very important feature in a way to save battery using WiFi. by turning on Lock on Wifi Saver, the app will continue to burn even when the phone is locked. If you do not turn on this feature, when the phone is locked then all processes to conserve battery via WiFi will be stopped.

Well, that’s the way to save battery mobile phone using WiFi . On Saver WiFi applications are still many things to be explored such as using a timer to determine when to turn off WiFi, or features auto connect to decide when you want to connect with WiFi them. Good luck!