Tips To Stay Safe When Using WiFi Internet


Internet is already a requirement inseparable at the moment. Whatever and however, we will try to make the gadgets we have to connect to the internet . Free WiFi is one of the coveted fakirs quota despite the risks that come bigger.

Now, we will discuss how we are to avoid such hazards.

1. Suspect WiFi is not protected Password

Usually, though free, WiFi legitimate and secure remain protected using a password. If you find a free WiFi unprotected passwords should first consider when going to use it. WiFi could be this is a trap created by scammers to steal personal data you. Do not be too bernapsu for immediate use of the free WiFi, because if you are careless, the gadget you could be in danger. In fact, there is also free WiFi that automatically even suddenly connected directly to your gadget. If you find something like this you should immediately disable WiFi on your gadget.

2. Beware Of Fake WiFi

Never assume that all free WiFi available outside the secure and authorized. It may be that the WiFi is false link made ​​by the criminal world of cyber . It is very difficult to distinguish between genuine WiFi with WiFi counterfeit the hacker , even virtually indistinguishable. Stay alert and do not arbitrarily connect the gadget with WiFi unknown because it is so dangerous. If indeed you want to keep your gadgets connect to free WiFi, you should make sure in advance whether the gadget that you use no personal data is very important or not.

3. Ensure that WiFi Such Legal and Legitimate

Some WiFi counterfeit the criminal cyber is not uncommon that use certain names that look familiar. Such as coffee shops, hotels, or other public place. When you want to use the free WiFi, make sure that the WiFi that you choose is completely legitimate and not a fake. Suppose that when you are in a coffee shop. You can ask directly the name of true and legitimate WiFi at the coffee shop waitress. It will make you more secure when it will be connected to WiFi.

4. Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

By using a VPN when connecting to the free WiFi, automatically you will use the network more personal and more secure. As if you have a “tunnel” connecting personal gadget you with the Internet network. By using a Virtual Private Network , automatically the data that you use on the network will be encrypted in a way that make it difficult for criminals cyber to crime. Neither hackers nor snooper will have difficulty in penetrating the encryption so that the data you become more secure.