Most Addictive Niche Smartphone Apps in the World


The presence of a variety of applications in the smartphone world would be easier for you to perform everyday activities.

But be careful, too much her ​​install applications may actually make the smartphone you become increasingly slow because of the limited storage capacity on the gadget you.

For that, you should begin to sort out which applications are often used to support your activities and applications that are not important.

1. Facebook

Facebook is generally available directly on the smartphone recently her without having to first install it. The popularity of social networking applications is also no doubt about it, with this social networking users can connect with people whenever and wherever.

However, the presence of several features and notifications by these applications makes the storage capacity of smartphone Android to be extravagant. Thus, this application it’s good to be removed. However, if you are a person who often opened up every day, do not worry. You can still use the browser to access Facebook. This will further conserve memory and battery capacity when compared to using the application.

2. Application of the weather

The presence of a weather application is very helpful for users to know the weather was underway on that day.

However, with the presence of updated weather forecasts often appeared regularly seem to take a lot of battery power, especially if users install the widget on the screen home.

If you still want to utilize the features weather predictions, you can still use Google Now features to inquire directly related weather information.

3. Free Anti-virus

Android device is vulnerable to virus attacks. Therefore, the presence of anti-virus applications and protective Android security is urgently needed to prevent this.

However, lacking from this application seems to be battery consuming smartphone you are in a fairly large scale. However, you can still outsmart it by downloading apps or other content securely, directly from the app store Google Play Store.  Applications that are present in Google Play Store is free of viruses and claimed to be 100 percent secure. In fact, claims Android operating system is protected from virus attacks and has accommodated the encryption system.


`Cache Clean` apps on Android devices can indeed improve performance smartphone Android more smoothly again. This is done to remove some of the cached data is (the remaining data) that apparently takes up memory capacity. But keep in mind, apparently Clean Master and several similar applications like CC Cleaner and Speed ​​Booster apparently also can leave `sampah` and may drain the battery. It’s good , you think twice when trying to download an app like this, you can still outsmart waste cleanup of smartphone you to move to the Settings, select the option and go to the directory Apps downloaded. From there, select the application you want to be cleaned by selecting posts Clean Cache.