How to Make Your Own Android App


As we know if the Android smartphone is equipped with so many different applications on it, using the official application store Android (Play Store) we can direct easily download the application. Applications on Android also has two versions, there are free (gratis), some are prepaid.

Be aware though, it turns out we can create own applications. Even a lot of ways to make us become a mobile development, but on this occasion we will share tips to you in respect of making the Android application. You can take advantage of Android Studio to make your own Android apps, follow the steps below.

1. Installation

  • The initial steps make sure you download / upload software Android Studio, while the function of this software that is to be easy for users to create their own Android application using a computer / laptop.

Download – >>

2. Create a new project

  • After you download the software Android Studio, then open the application – >> select the “Quick Start” – >> select “Start a new Android Studio project”.
  • It will exit the tab form – >> fill with the application name that will be created “Application name” – >> content is also the name (domain) of your company “Company Domain” – >> then you can fill / or emptying “Project Location” -> > then choose / click “Next”
  • After that, Check the “Phone and Tablet” – >> select Minimum SDK (adjust with your Android HP) it is intended that the application can already be used cobapada Android smartphone – next >> Click / Select “Next”
  • Then we click / select “Blank Activity”, note: let the form by default
  • The last click / select “Finish” to complete the creation of project

3. Editing “Welcome Message”

  • The initial step you should enter section activity_main.xml (you also have to make sure if the Design tab is opened with a view activity_main.xml)
  • Then select and drag the phrase “Hello, world!” In the middle of the screen
  • Furthermore, in the menu “Project file system” – >> select the folder values
  • After that, double-click “strings.xml”
  • Search for the word “Hello, world!” On the file – >> you can also add / replace any word in the word “world”, for example ( “Hello, welcome to the application of Us”)
  • Then we are back to activity_main.xml tab.
  • Check back word that we make are in the middle of the screen

4. Add button

  • The first step we go to the Design tab located – >> activity_main.xml.
  • Next on the menu Paletter – >> select / click on the “Button”
  • Then click and drag the button under the heading we created in the middle of the screen
  • But make sure first if the button is still selected – >> select / click the Properties menu – >> select / click the “text”
  • Word “New Button” with the word that you see fit, such as “continue”, “Start playing”

5. Make a second activity

  • Your first step in the right click menu “App”
  • Next Click New -> select Activity -> select Blank Activity
  • Then we Replace with the name as our activity, eg “SecondActivity”.
  • After that, select / click “Finish”.
  • Then you also have to make sure if you are listed in the Design tab (activity_second.xml)
  • Next we click and drag the text box (middle of the screen)
  • Search “id text box” on file
  • We open strings.xml
  • You also need to create a new line, for example (example: “Welcome to the second page”) under the word that has been made
  • Then we go back to acitivity_second.xml – >> click / select text box
  • Properties panel section – >> select / click the “text” – >> point to “@ string / second_page”.

6. Experiment

  • Unutuk start trial application then you choose / click the play icon
  • Then select the device – >> tick “launch emulator”
  • Next, you click / select “OK”