How to Restore Lost Files On Android


Those who are fond of using a smartphone based on Android , definitely lost some files files that you save in the mobile phone. And the problems that often occur in the user data is missing or because other. Therefore, you must always be vigilant and do not be careless to make a critical file is missing.

1. Use android app reycle bin

This Application  is we need if important files on your Android is lost, indeed Android recycle bin is very simple. However, its performance is strong enough to restore the data that is already kehapus, you can directly install the application of this one in the Play Store. And more in his favor, when you use this application does not need to be connected to the internet so it will not make wasteful batteries.

2. Using DiskDigger application

Tips furthermore, you can also use portable applications ie applications DiskDigger. So you do not have to install the first to use this application, download the application directly on your Android Play Store without having to install it first. In the initial menu, choose the option “memory card”, and then specify the file or data will be refunding directly press “OK”.

3. Using the application dumster

Lastly, you can also use the application dumster to restore your important files that have been deleted or lost Android phone. This one application is used to restore a variety of files such as photos, music, video and other files.

That all three applications that can be utilized when important files missing in Android , good luck. We are sorry if there are errors in the delivery or incomplete. Thank you and may be helpful.