Tips To Buy Mobile Phone on Different Operating System


There will always be a question in your mind before buying a smartphone, either about the specification, design, until the budget bag.

No less important, the question will be more later for those in the beginner category (entry level). Especially about the desired operating system. For example, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry.


IOS operating system from Apple was performed with the user interface and the theme is always the same in every cell phone series. Although I can not ‘tampered with’, iOS has the advantage on the application ecosystem. In addition, Apple offers an elegant design on any device. Thus, Apple products actually prefer the social status and quality. Because those who choose Apple products are more willing to pay dearly.


Android One of the advantages that echoed many Android users is its simplicity to be tampered with. Yes, Google’s operating system that allows you to customize the device as you wish. For example, theme, typeface ( font ), to the launcher. However, the issue of privacy and the security of Android, the risk is quite high considering most applications on Android for free. However, this operating system is suitable for those who love technology


Windows Phone Windows operating system from Microsoft is still less popular than iOS and Android. But in fact, Windows Phone should be your calculations. Microsoft prioritize security and integration of all services on Windows devices so that users faster access role in something. This operating system featuring the design of the boxes on user interface- his iconic. Windows Phone users are said to have more independent character than iPhone users, more fun than the BlackBerry, but less tolerant of change than Android users


BlackBerry arguably no longer segemilang few years ago. However, did you? BlackBerry is famous thanks to the security technologies on smartphone- her. BlackBerry push email feature also no match. Mobile Canadian suitable for workers with its Qwerty keyboard. Unfortunately, not many applications developed for BlackBerry phones. And no wonder, the BlackBerry is more often used for the benefit of the work rather than entertainment