How To Brea into Wifi With Easy and Strategy


In today’s Busy life internet is an essential and some times it may not avalable on time.But sometimes most people prefer to use free internet as the network providers rob people pockets with hidden charges.

With the wifi network available in our surroundings,in emergency we can break in to wifis with some strategies.

Android Application

    • Download and Install Android benama “penetrate pro v2.1.1” on your Android Mobile
    • Then open the application and Estart Android smartphone you use
    • Selanutnya enable wifi
    • After that, open the app “pro v2.1.1 penetrate” the (in otomais will seek another oang wifi password)
    • If you’ve met, then the input passwod


WireShark Application 

  • Download and install the application called “WireShark”
  • Open it in a way (Ctrl + K) and click capture – >> select option)
  • For the position of the interface “Ethernet Card” and “Capture packets in promiscuous mode” is ON
  • Selanutnya click start
  • If the wifi password already keemu, then you press the STOP


Good luck and hopefully useful readers.