Tips to Overcome Slow Android Phones

Android Running

Along with the times, with the base android operating system is now widely used by various circles of society. It has many attractions, the main attraction, but the selling price is relatively affordable too greatly affected if many choose this android community for use in carrying out daily activities.

Talking about the power of the android operating system, there are a lot of features and services provided for pampering its users. But with sophistication owned android is not necessarily that the phone was going durable . Due to several causes that may have an android phone you use will run into problems. Examples android phone is slow loading. With these problems there are several factors that may have occurred. Well, so do you not curious, let’s find out the causes and ways to overcome these slow android phone.

Disable Animation

The use of animation in android phones such as animation and live wallpaper are also a reason to often slow down the performance of the android operating system. Therefore we have to disable or turn off the animation used. The trick is to tap the settings menu – Developer options and then setting off on the options that animation animator duration scale , windows animation scale, as well as the transition animation scale.

Turn off the use Live Wallpaper

The second cause is a moving picture. Live Wallpaper or commonly called by the name of the moving image is in addition to wasting batteries were also able to slow down the system performance of your android smartphone. So how to solve it? by disabling the use of live wallpaper on your android phone.

Remove Unused and Unwanted Applications

Excess amount of android application in the phone is a reason to slowdown the phone. Many applications that have been installed with no conscious performance of android smartphone use will decline your android OS. So, please use applications that really matter and remove applications that are not important.

Less Usage OF Widgets

A widget is a short cut icon that shows a real time information in the home screen. With characters always take and also displays a number of information according to real time, so when a growing number of widgets that are used will have an impact on the performance of smartphones that will slow down alias.