3 Best Cheap Android Smartphones of 2016

10 Best Cheap Android Smartphone 2016

Entering the second quarter of 2016, many new smartphone presented by vendors in the country. Not only the onslaught of smartphone flagship class Samsung Galaxy S7 and Xiaomi Mi 5 , even LG G5 was reportedly coming soon in Indonesia. So, already set up excess funds to replace the new smartphone yet?

If by chance you pick up the funds is not enough to buy the product flagship before, do not grieve. Because Jaka will give you a list of the best cheap smartphones in 2016. So you can buy a new smartphone even with mediocre funds.

Although the specifications are almost equivalent, most vendors have been compromised to reduce some parts of the low-cost smartphone. So do not expect the quality will be similar smartphone flasghip . However, you can coming change cost so sophisticated Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 or even so sophisticated as the iPhone 6s .

1. Xiaomi redmi 3 Pro

Officially introduced in March, Xiaomi redmi Note 3 Pro can be purchased at several online shop trusted in Indonesia. From observation Jaka, Xiaomi redmi 3 Pro is priced at a price of inr Rs. 9,998.

Xiaomi redmi 3 Pro is in the first position’s list of best smartphone 2016 as the smartphone is priced at a bargain price, but equipped with features luxury smartphone. Smartphone is wrapped with a sturdy metal material and equipped with a fingerprint sensor . Not only that, in terms of kitchen runway was Xiaomi redmi 3 Prodibekali 616 Snapdragon processor powered 3GB RAM. These processors are notoriously tough to generate fast performance and image processing / graphics well.

2. Infinix Zero 3

Priced at About 160 USD entries in the list of the best smartphones in 2016 because it has been equipped with 20,7MP resolution main camera. Unmitigated, the camera uses a CMOS sensor Sony IMX230. You can imagine how sharp the camera Infinix Zero 3 right? And for the likes selfie , smartphone front camera is also equipped with LED flash that can selfi anytime, anywhere even in low-light conditions.

Not just a camera that is reliable, with 3GB RAM powered, Infinix Zero 3 is also able to provide fast performance in running various applications. That must be a record, too, Infinix UI is super light and friendly RAM. Not to forget, the design of this smartphone was made ​​as solid as possible so comfortable in the hand, so that you will feel at home using this smartphone linger.

3. Asus Zenfone Selfie

From the name alone already know if the smartphone is devoted to love a selfie ? Yes, Asus Zenfone Selfie is made ​​for you who like selfie . Front camera and main camera is equally equipped with a 13MP camera sensor to produce sharp images and clear. Not to forget, the front camera is equipped with LED flash so that you can still exist even in the dark.Priced at Rs. 14,999.00