How To Download Paid Apps in the Play Store FREE!

You drool with paid apps that your friends do you have? Hah, but you do not want to pay to get the app in the Play Store ? Take the easy way wrote the following. Through tips , we would love to know how you get paid apps from the Google Play Store for free, but still legally and safely.

These tips are also suitable for you to use if one family has more than one Android , but want to pay once for paid applications across existing.

Steps to Get Paid Apps For Free in the Play Store

you must make sure that paid apps your friends have already installed it. Then on your phone itself, you try to go to Settings > Accounts . Select Add account to add you as a friend’s Google account both accounts ( secondary accounts ) at playstore.

Select Google , and enter your Gmail address and password of your account.

Do not forget to turn off sync to the account you entered. You do this by going to Settings > Accounts >Google . Select the account that has previously been inserted, and remove the tick at all available options.

Go to Google Play Store on your phone, open the option to slide your finger from the left edge of the screen.Press the arrow and select the friend’s account you previously entered.

Now you can download all the applications you have a friend you pay on the Play Store for free deh. Repeat the steps above if you want to get paid apps for free from the Android others. Good luck!