How to Solve Error 905 When Accessing Google Play Store


Ever faced error 905 on your android phone?When downloading or update the app in the Google Play Store , suddenly stopped and can not proceed. Continues to appear error message with the code number 905. huh? It feels tough and feels want to sell android phone, calm down. we can understand your feelings, so this time we tell how to overcome the error 905 when accessing the Google Play Store .

Generally, this kind of error occurs when you download applications or games with large size. Then at the same time you also run other applications, such as while watching videos or browsing . The most simple way is to close other applications and that only Google Play Store running. Consider the following steps.

First step

Stop all applications. You can click the Recent Application on your android phone, and close all applications currently running. on some type of phone, there is also a button Clear All that you can choose.

Go to the menu Settings – Display – Sleep , and select never . This setting will make your android phone screen remains on for Men- download . This is important because in a certain type of android phone, when it goes into sleep mode and the application will download also stalled.

Open the Google Play Store , and then install the application as usual. Let hp stays on, do not be touched until the download is complete.

If that does not work, it means you need to do the latter.

Other Way

Go to Settings – Apps then locate the Google Play Store . Click on it and you will go to the App Info .

Click the Clear Defaults , Clear Cache and Clear Data.

Click the Force Stop , then click the Uninstall Updates.

Now open the Google Play Store . And like the way the first one, install an application that you want and should not be touched until the completion Men- download .