4 Ways to Solve Android Fast Heating

And fire

In this past paced modern era, the development of increasingly advanced technological world must keep pace with the times. Not least the world of smartphones or Android, which used only as means of communication (telephone and SMS). Now Android is a very important and everyone has a mobile phone.

Along with the usability of smartphones multi function example for telephony, SMS, social networks (facebook, twitter, path, instagram), BBM, Line, Whataps, edit photos, play games, and many others. Make processors immersed in a bit of hard work, and certainly affect the battery will heat faster.

Now, we will give you the tips on How to cope with the fast Heat Android Smartphone .

1. install the important ones

Android-based smartphone that is certainly already offers the features, gaming applications are pretty much in it. However, my suggestion to download and install the application according to your needs alone or important ones. If all the applications installed all, then HP will also slow performance and cause the smartphone heat faster.

2.Restrict Browsing and also playing games

These days communication and to be known issues are quite common. Thats why people keep browsing long times on mobile. However, keep in mind that the smartphone also has limitations, for example in browsing not too excessive and also play games. Because this can cause the smartphone will be easy to heat and also no maximum performance are like normally.

3. Use Original  Battery

Actually the problem quickly heat smartphone can also be caused by batteries that are no longer able to function normally, the right solution is to replace it with a new one. But keep in mind, buy always original battery not a fake.