6 Advanced Technology Failed


Of the many advanced technologies are present, we must admit that some of them even failed to compete in the market. All were suspected due to a series of factors such as failing to make the activity easier to use, the hardware components that bad , until the battery life is not durable .

1. Wireless Charging
When launching the Nexus 4 wireless charger following its phenomenal , people seem to see the bright future of the advanced technology that can charge the battery without having to plug in the cable. Moreover, manufacturers renowned South Korean smartphone that Samsung has also adopted the technology of wireless charger for smartphones, their latest smartphone .
But all of that seemed anticlimactic when knowing that the other HP manufacturers do not follow the same trail .

Google as the manufacturer of the Nexus even withdraw from the wireless charger technology when it launched the Nexus 9 , Nexus 5X , and Nexus 6P not directly provide wireless device charger in the box of their sales .

2. LG Urbane LTE 2ND Edition
It is sad to see the fate of one of the advanced smartwatch from LG ‘s work as follows. Yes , 2ND Edition LG Urbane LTE is a smartwatch that suddenly withdrawn from circulation less than a week after launch . Party LG said that they had found a serious gap in terms of hardware that led to the passage of hours is not in the quality control .
A loss means remembering this smartwatch is ready to be marketed to the world and should be pulled back just within a few days.

3. Fast Charging
Quite strange seeing advanced smartphones trends present in 2015 to bring a new technology called fast charging. Technology is considered very helpful in shortening the battery charging process is always a plus in sales of flagship smartphones. However, the technology is not supposed to be present in every existing smartphone ?

Yes indeed ironic view of technology that should be widely implemented in every smartphone , it is used as a weapon for flagship smartphone as an added value in their products . Though all the people in need, not only for advanced smartphone owners only.

4. Battery Life Android
It should be recognized that the year to be the year with the worst Android battery life when compared to previous years . Smartphone trend that presents specifications god with slim body makes statistics of battery life be dropped when compared to 2014 .

Other factors such as the 64 -bit implementation of Android , and use Qualcomm processors latest series contributes generally wasteful battery in 2015. The size of the battery is sacrificed for want size thin smartphone also unfortunate. But hopefully in 2016 , the trend of smartphones return to the right path yes .

5. Kwikset Kevo
Cool yes if we have a house key that can be remote controlled from a distance. Kwikset Kevo tried to bring sophistication . He is a smart lock integrated with Android and you can lock your home just by using Android .

However , all the sophistication of the vanished after it emerged that the application of Kwikset not be used on any smartphone . Minus value , worsened by the slow support from the developer and compatibility for Android was apparently not much change . Unfortunately, in 2015 to be the year that is not so good for Kwikset Kevo .

6. Display 4K at Sony Xperia Z5 Premium
Recently there 4K technology owned by Sony Xperia Z5 Premium. Do you find there the peculiar situation of the technology? Of course , what good is put high- resolution technology to the smartphone with a huge 5.5 -inch screen ? Sony Xperia Z5 Premium crowned as the world’s first smartphone mengimplemetasikan 4K resolution . However , large screens that do not support and technology that can only be present in the album and video applications have been successfully catapulted the price of Xperia Z5 Premium . Useless once .
These are the six advanced technologies are considered to have failed during recent time.