How to Accelerate the Performance of Google Chrome


Nowadays a lot of developers engaged in application, one of them is a browser application. One of the best browser called Google Chrome , this application is a product of Google. With the help of chrome much easier to access the Internet.

One reason for that is because Android is also a product from Google, so Google Chrome an official application for Android browser. In addition, Google Chrome also has a lot of advantages. But it is inevitable if the application also has a weakness and would often make the users irritated. For example, just in the problem scrolling Chrome bad, sometimes when swap and resize. Therefore, we will give you tips and solutions to related problems. Below we will describe Ways to Accelerate the Performance / Performance Google Chrome , see good his review as follows.

1. Typing in the address / address bar google Chrome (chrome: // flags), here’s an example

2. Open the menu selection Maximum tiles for interest area (# max-tiles-for-interest-area) or the Indonesian language (maximum tiles for interest area), here’s an example

3. Select the Default and replace with pick number 512, the following example

4. Select or press the “relaunch” under the page which was

This method aims to allocate more RAM memory so dominant to the browser chrome, because it affects the Google Chrome that are able to accelerate / facilitate the scrolling .

But keep in mind, for those who use Android with small RAM capacity, then adjust the RAM allocation for example by selecting a smaller number (256), because it will affect other applications that are equally in need of RAM memory.