Always Have a NewLook to Your Smartphone

New Look Daily

How often do you buy a smartphone to date? If problems because tempted latest technology, possibly legitimate. As long as your financial abundance. But if it is because you have never had a long-lasting relationship with the smartphone , there must be something wrong with you.

As a loving relationship, keep a smartphone to be more durable highly dependent on how you treat it. If treated rudely and will, undoubtedly your relationship with the smartphone will not be long.

1. Stay out of direct sunlight Even though the smartphone you are not made ​​of ice, it does not mean you can put it in any place exposed to direct sunlight.Remember,  the smartphone you are not the clothes that should be dried in the sun for too long.

Because, not all components in the smartphone resistant to high temperatures. Especially the part of the screen that is fairly vulnerable, even if it has anti-reflective features.

2.Provide additional casing out there, you can easily see so many casings of smartphones sold. The many different types of casing on the market there are certainly not for no reason. Although sometimes make the weight and thickness of the smartphone so slightly increased, the casing be the best protection against knocks and rough friction that causes the body smartphone scratched.

3. Clean regularly
 Did you know there is a study that says if smartphone screen more than a latrine ? So, as much as possible you clean it periodically so that germs do not linger there .

To remember , you can not clean the smartphone arbitrarily. Use a special liquid and a microfiber cloth to clean without causing any unwanted scratches .

4. Charge the battery only in time
Recharge the battery can not be at any time or at will - like heart . You must fill it when really in a condition to run out or at least was no sound or a warning on the screen .
In one study , smartphone batteries are always in -charge when the battery is still above 20 % more susceptible to damage. This is because , as the battery capacity being forced to accept the latest power at a time when conditions are still excellent .

5. Save in the empty pocket

Pocket is one of the favorite places for storing smartphone . Unfortunately , not everyone ascertain whether there are still pockets of other objects or not . Coins , keys , and grain dust is believed to be a factor causing scratches on the smartphone when stored in a pocket .