How to Break into Smartphone Fingerprint Sensor


Since the technology was introduced to the Touch ID iPhone 5s , the use of the fingerprint sensor as an increasingly popular method of securing smartphones. It’s no longer used by smartphone flagship is priced expensive, low-cost smartphone with fingerprint sensors began many found on the market.

Undeniably, the fingerprint sensor on a smartphone does provide more value for users. It seems safe anyway, but who would have thought if it turns out the fingerprint sensor on this smartphone can easily be cracked?

With fingerprint sensors in smartphones, smartphone unlock process easier. Because we do not need complicated-complicated to enter a PIN or password again. Other more value, people are also thinking it would have been very safe, because the fingerprint can not be changed. Whereas fingerprint sensor turns the smartphone can be fooled and compromised.

How to Break down Fingerprint Sensor Smartphone

Well, there are way more simple to circumvent the fingerprint sensor smartphone. Namely by using the dough material 3D printers and wax (plasticine). For material 3D printers can you change to use candles.

Melt the wax mold or a 3D printer. While still hot or warm, stick your finger in the liquid mold had to make a mold your fingerprints.

Once the mold surface hardened (approximately 3-5 minutes), put clay on the mold. Press gently so as not to damage the surface of the mold.

Once finished, please try the clay paste that has formed earlier fingerprint sensors to the smartphone.

If successful, you can break down the Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s with this method.