How to Change Android Phone In to Camera Scanner


Android phones are most widely adopted by users of smartphones in the world today, Google’s operating system does have a lot of advantages when compared to other operating systems. From start to have a lot of features, this software also comes with a variety of applications that are complete enough. Surely will spoil any who use it.

Even some of the things we normally do on a computer or laptop, with the presence of the Android operating system all these things can we handle and we do with any smartphone. One example which is to make the camera as the Android Mobile Scanner . With the help of camera resolution and also qualified third-party applications are immersed in the Play Store, the Android camera could be a scanner.

1. Download application named CamSnanner on the Play Store
2. If you have successfully downloaded, then install the application on your Android Phone
3. Open The app, and then the photo paper documents
4. After that save into PDF files

CamSnanner application has the same functionality as conventional scanners that we often encounter on the PC, which this one application can memory images and can change JPG files into PDF. But unfortunately the PDF file can not we change into plain text files that we can copy, edit, delete. so, there are some excellent features offered by the application CamSnanner. Here’s the full steps below.

1. Make it easy for us to do the scanner, without having to use a PC
2. Can backup important data, so it is not lost
three. Also equipped with automatic and manual cropping feature
4. Able to convert or edit JPG files to PDF format.
5. Seta can upload files to share
6. capable of clicking “tag” files

In this way we can Change Android Phone Cameras as Scanner.