How To Avoid Android Application Carry Virus


The Android operating system is an excellent product released by Google for smartphone users, the Android OS is equipped with features that are very sophisticated. So do not be surprised if the company HP vying for using their services, Armed with apps and fun games to make HP Android being hunted by smartphone users.

However, the name of the excess certainly there are shortcomings. Including Android OS, with many advantages offered and also disadvantages. For example, in the case of applications which sometimes often carry viruses or malware. In contrast to Apple with iOS, and Microsoft Windows. Google’s side have not blocked / stop applications that contain viruses. However, Google only move the virus contained in the Play Store, This can eliminate important data.

1. Always Download From Playstore

Never download and install applications that are not on the official application store Android (Play Store) , because the bigger the risk of the virus. Applications with an .apk file may carry viruses that can damage your system HP Android. Therefore, make sure you install the applications contained in the Play Store alone. This is to avoid applications that carry a virus or malware.

2. Installation Permit Application Suspicious

Typically applications that are not found in the Play Store, a licensed installation of more . Therefore, you should be more careful in downloading and installing the application for Android Mobile you.

3.Read Reviews and Rating

Before downloading and installing the application , then you would be good to see the number of how many people have downloaded this application. If the download it is more than 1 million and also get a rating of 4-5 stars, then this application is considered safe. As evidence of many people who use this application.