How to Make Android Phone As CCTV


The current trend of using CCTV in a room or house is being common, with CCTV at home or room that is considered important by it can shrink the risk of loss or theft. Because at the time we put a certain room of CCTV, we can control from different places even by using a monitor.

However, for those of you who cant buy CCTV, in fact you can also use the Android smartphone to be used as CCTV. And for those of you who do not know how, this time we will give Tips Easy Ways to Make Android As CCTV . Here we go.

Ensure specify in advance a room or a place that would be targeted for placement of the CCTV, then just put Android in the room. By doing so, then you can control or supervise the area from a distance by using a wifi connection or other connection. However, first make sure the HP device and the PC is connected (wifi and bluetooth). If so, then you can also store the video on your PC devices.

Follow the steps below his

  • The initial step be sure to download and install such tools, for the PC download (Video LAN-VLC) Link Download
  • The second step, you open the application / tool that has been downloaded and installed the select “start server”
  • After that, we set whether it (the video resolution, audio her)
  • And if the camera is ready, be sure to check the wifi connection was already connected or not ?. If so, then look CCTV server address of the android devices. And the address that appears as Android and PC.


Here we provide a link server CCTV – >> follow the steps as shown below.


Then, the next step of our new computer or laptop is assigned to.

Just write directly Android webcam server address, server address example – .


In the picture above, it will display a wide selection of ways / methods to stream video, call it like javascript, java plugins, as well as a media player. In this section, we will use javascript method. Then it will look like the image below.


However, if we use the method vlc, then follow the steps as shown below.


Fill in the server according to the address that is already in the can on your android HP, so reviews which we can pass. Thanks for reading and hopefully useful.