Now WhatsApp Support Bold and Italic Text Format


After joining into one subsidiary of Facebook , WhatsApp is a lot to clean up. Beginning in 2016 WhatsApp decide the bold step of eliminating subscription fees , and still promised free advertising .

The decision was also made ​​active users per month WhatsApp burst up to 1 billion, despite that WhatsApp is still busy competing against a wide range of applications chatting Asian origin that is equally popular as LINE , WeChat and KakaoTalk .

To ensure that users do not switch to another app, WhatsApp regularly release a number of new features almost every month and new features that they present via the update version 2.12.535 would make you more comfortable using WhatsApp. The update is still a beta tester , so it can not be found in the Google Play Store. Here are the latest features of WhatsApp beta.

Users can now send messages in a format bold or italic . To send a text bold and italic , WhatsApp does not provide a dedicated button. So, you have to embed a special text format.

When you wish to send the text bold or bold , you’ll need to embed an * between words or sentences, for


* techiesprout *

As for sending the text italic or italic , place the word or phrase of the signs under score , for example:

_techiesprout _

Currently no information on exactly when the final version send updates bold and italic text will be available on Android smartphones, most likely will not be much longer. For you who can not wait to try out, you can go sign up to get WhatsApp beta tester here , select a follow-up and update WhatsApp application via Google Play Store.