How to Overcome Android Smartphone boot loop


The operating system Android is now indeed become a pioneer sophisticated smartphone that offers interesting features in it, this software product is a googles very brilliant creation. However, it remains the name of damage or there must be a problem. Included in the Android-based smartphone, usually the more advanced features inside applications. Then the processor and RAM will also be increasingly, to compensate for such activity.

Therefore, it is better to have knowledge if Android smartphones often boot loop or turns itself off unexpectedly. Actually, it caused a lot of factors. Bootloop is divided into three classes namely bootloop mild, moderate and severe. This time we will give you tips you about 4 Solution HP Android bootloop / die alone , follows details.

1. Hard Reset

The first way is by doing hard reset, the way this one do if your Android smartphone bootloop light.Then simply by unplugging or removing the battery when HP alive, aims to be the processor and RAM to be cold again after previously working too. And the problem usually occurs when we use android for playing games or browsing in a long time.

2. Un-install / remove suspicious applications

The second way, we checked one by one third-party applications that we install in the Android phone. Bootloop could only happen because we install applications that brings malware or virus, so have a negative impact on performance of software and hardware HP android us. Therefore, just delete the application is deemed suspicious carry malware.

3. Updating software

It would be nice if we update software Android smartphone on a regular basis, because it intended so that the operating system has become more with the upkeep of the system. Because it can be bootloop is due to HP’s software we’re old school and must be updated.

4. Factory Reset

If the three ways above are not able to cope with the bootloop, then the final solution that returns the smartphone to its original state again by resetting factory.