How to Overcome Forgotten Pattern / Password In Android Phone


Most users of Android smartphone certainly always lock their mobile with patterns, it is intended that they not be opened by other. Because there may be some files that do not want to be seen by anyone, whether it be a photo, video, phone number, sms.

However, it is often bring a boomerang for the users themselves. For example, we forgot to lock the pattern that we have made ​​before, of course, is very dangerous. Because if the key is forgotten, we can not open the smartphone, even if we enter the wrong key a few times then automatically our Android phones can be blocked.

Do not worry, for those of you who experience such problems, we have a solution.

1. Using Android Device Manager (ADM)

  • The initial step, you open the site can use a PC, mobile phone or tablet
  • Then sign in with the google account registered on your Android Mobile
  • It will appear the device listed in the ADM, and then unlock / open the device you want to open
  • After that, click / select “Lock”.
  • And there will appear a new tab, then enter the temporary password, and then click “Lock”.
  • If successful, it will display a new tab or box to confirm (option selection button near Ring, Lock and Erase).
  • Then in the HP Android you will come out the password field (fill with temporary password), then your phone is already open
  • Lastly, go to settings lock pattern, and then back off for a while


2. Use Pattern Password Disable (SD memory card required)

  • You first downloaded ZIP file from Disable Password Pattern through your PC, and save it on the SD card.


  • If you’ve stored on an SD memory card, then insert the memory on the HP Android locked
  • Then reboot the HP Android (recovery device)
  • After the flashing on PPD ZIP file stored on an SD memory card
  • Furthermore, reboot back of the Android smartphone
  • HP Android then you are no longer (but if the key emerging pattern, fill it with random only)


3.By removing the overall data

The last way is almost the same as the first way described above, but the difference in this way you do not press the “Lock” however pressing the “Erase”. For the record (how this is done if the two methods above did not work), as doing so will erase all files and data on your HP Android.