Tips to Select Right Smartphone To Hangout at Night


Who says entertainment can only be obtained during daylight hours only? Night is also a good time to unwind and his recharge re-energize after a long day of work. The entertainment in the evening we can get in the form of diverse, ranging from delicious culinary tourism, travel to exotic places marvelous, until clubbing boisterous surge.

But, if the smartphone you are ready to capture all the excitement? Sure the camera can take clear images of what you see and as soon as the night that continues to rumble? Through following these tips, we want to provide tips on choosing the right smartphone to hang out at night , so that you can maximize activity and memorable .

Choose a Reliable Smartphone with Camera at Minim Light Situations

Activities in the evenings always have problems in terms of proper lighting for photos. The only the most appropriate solution is to use a smartphone with a camera capable. Always use a smartphone with a camera that can support shooting in situations of low light because he has a feature that can adapt to night conditions.

Focus Fast, So There’s No Moment Missed

Well, the Samsung Galaxy S7 was discussed also has a new feature that was first presented in smartphone cameras, the Dual Pixel Auto focus . The technology is generally only available on digital SLR cameras or mirror less only takes 0.2 seconds to focus on the object and capturing the image which is nice. This is very helpful when you’re in a room with dim lighting.

Advanced Features to Make You More Anti-Mainstream

The camera is good, but the software that support in it lest you miss to be a factor in choosing a smartphone. Choose smartphones with native features that okay have, such as Galaxy Galaxy S7 and S7 edge that comes with Motion Panorama , Motion Photo , and features Hyperlapse .

Motion Panorama and Motion Photo is a photo mode to give you a preview move as the video for a few seconds. While Hyperlapse is a video mode that can shorten the tempo of the recording, without having to fear the image shake or vibrate.

Battery Durability Is Everything

The last point, but also the most important factor is the battery life. It’s useless if the smartphone that you have already advanced, has cutting-edge features, but does not have a long battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge has a large battery of 3000 mAh and 3600 mAh plus hardware that is more power efficient, so any action at night you will not be missed.

Do not forget also features Fast Charging owned by the two smartphones, which became a super fast charging. You even only need one and a half hours until the battery is fully charged again.