Smartphone It Claimed Stronger than Steel and Titanium

Sphone steel

A company called Turing Robotic Industries introduces named Turing Phone smartphone . This smartphone is touted as the smartphone of the strongest in the world thanks to its materials .

Turing Phone Specifications

Turing Phone wrapped with a special material called ” Liquidmorphium ” who claimed to be more robust than steel or titanium . ” Liquidmorphium ” is a mixture of copper , aluminum , nickel , zirconium , and silver . Moreover , Turing Phone also has several other elements made ​​of aluminum , ceramics , and plastics .

Not only superficially, the software is also protected by Turing Imitation Chip processor with a local encryption . Turing Phone is always offline , so avoid the reach of hackers . Exchange encrypted data can be done only with fellow Turing Phone.

For specifications ” engine ” , Turing Phone uses a quad – core Snapdragon 801 , 3GB RAM , storage 64/128 GB , 13 MP rear camera , 8 MP front camera , and a 3,000 mAh battery . Smartphone has a 5.5 -inch full HD display running operating system 5.0 Lollipop .

This powerful smartphone that will support LTE connectivity worldwide . Planned launch date on 10 August with a price tag of US $ 740 or about USD for the 64 GB model , and for the 128 GB models are sold at a price of US $ 870 .