How to Speed ​​Battery On Android


Any excess usage must be disadvantages, including the world of technologically. If ts a smartphone based on Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry to offer a lot of advantages.

To anticipate and minimize the weaknesses, the smartphone company whose products are air then equip with Android OS large battery capacity. Thus, although the Android system is always active will not quickly run out of batteries.

One issue has been resolved, but a new problem arises. Although we do not fast Android smartphone battery, but the new problem is in the process of charging / her charger. That requires a fairly long time so that the battery is full faster, obviously this is a problem that is not trivial. Moreover, if our daily activities are very busy, it will interrupt / wasting time.

Typically, the Android phone is equipped with a large capacity battery. It can only survive for 12 hours in normal use, while the battery recharging process in order to fully takes 2-3 hours. Obviously this is a problem that must find a solution.

Therefore, this time we will give you tips on how to speed up battery charging android smartphone? follow the steps below.

  1. The initial steps are quite easy to do that is always fatal smartphone / tablet Android when the gadget is in a state in charger (this will speed up charging up to 20%)
  2. Furthermore, you harsu always wearing the original charger or the original, because the original cargeryang has been designed according to the power capacity of the Android smartphone
  3. If you can not disable the Android gadget at the moment in charger (fear there is an important message coming either fuel or whatsapp), then turn on flight mode and also always activate the Wifi. It can accelerate battery charging 12%


Thats it.